The vision of Akdeniz University Faculty of Law is to be one of the most preferred faculties that have contributed significantly to the development of legal discipline in our country with its success in legal education and teaching.


The mission of Akdeniz University Faculty of Law, as a higher education institution, is to bring the lawyers of the future to the society in the best possible way. Our aim is to train lawyers who adhere to the universal principles of law and the rule of law, protect fundamental rights and freedoms, have a sense of justice and the ability to think legally.


—To maintain our commitment to ethical values in higher education,

—To have a contemporary conception of education in law,

—Updating programs according to global developments,

— To contribute to the discipline of law,

—To be open to national and international academic cooperation,

—To increase our student satisfaction,

—To maintain our institutional satisfaction with academic and administrative personnel,

—To be sensitive to social activities,

—To preserve the sense of belonging of alumni to our faculty.

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