Public Law (M/PhD)

Within the Public Law Department of our faculty, there are eight Major Divisions: International Law, Legal Philosophy and Sociology, Criminal and Criminal Procedure Law, Constitutional Law, History of Law, General Public Law, Administrative Law and Financial Law. Within the Department, there are Master's with Thesis, Master's without Thesis and Doctorate programs under the umbrella of the Department of Public Law under the Directorate of Social Sciences Institute.

Within the framework of the postgraduate programmes of the Department of Public Law, postgraduate level education-training, research-practice and other academic activities are carried out in various subjects of public law such as Crime and Sanction Theory in Criminal Law, Criminology, United Nations, European Union Law, State Theory, Human Rights Law, Public Procurement Law, Public Personnel Regime, Turkish Constitutions, Tax Trial Law, Legal Interpretation Theories and Methodologies, Ottoman Legal System and History of Turkish Democracy.

Application dates for the 2023-2024 Academic Year Fall Semester of the Graduate Programs of our Department are between 03-14 July. Applications will be made ONLINE via the Social Sciences Institute Web Page.( ) .Applications cannot be made by hand.

An announcement regarding the application deadlines, application processes and the application conditions of the Departments has been published on the Social Sciences Institute Web Page. Information on application conditions, quotas and Science Exam dates are available in the relevant announcement. You can click here to access the announcement.
Important Note 1: The Foreign Language Exam document proving that the score requirement is met must be uploaded to the online application system within the online application period, there is no conditional application to complete this document later.

Important Note 2: Information regarding the Graduate Entrance Science Exam of our Department, determined at the discretion of the Jury Members, will be announced on this page on our website one week before the exam dates.

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